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Barcode Rain

On 26 June 1974, the first barcode was scanned. Since then everything is being turned into data. Now everything can be sold, even our thoughts. In this design, the barcode represents Capitalism falling into a person who can't choose to be outside the system, but can move on and stand to fight.
Code 128 is a form of barcode encoding, it was invented in 1981. In this design, the barcode itself means "capitalism" encoded into code 128.

Pest Control

In some countries like Brazil, the number of pesticides used in plantations grows every year, always with the authorization of governments that do everything, even destroy our future, to accumulate more and more capital. The rain of pesticides poisons family farming strongholds, threatens animals, and is even used as a chemical weapon to attack indigenous villages. In this design, a girl affected by this aggression retaliates with the same coin, poisoning the poisoned apple of the system.


Nowadays, the state of tension that the possibility of a nuclear war brings from time to time is very common. Nuclear war and subsequent nuclear winter would be the end of our species as we know it, at the very least. And even then, large nations treat the subject as if it is only a topic to win a disagreement with other countries. Do you have any economic problems? Do you have any other problems? Just put some nuke into play and pull yourself together beautifully and ready to rock!

The Throne

The billionaires are billionaires because of the exploration of the people, the poor, and the workers who need to earn some money to stay alive. Billionaires shouldn't exist, so we need a tool to help put things into place. Something like this throne can help into this journey?

We Wish Peace

The powerful States always have excuses for doing war, repression, and for imperialism. A new terrorist, a new mass destruction weapon, or whatever, it doesn't care, they just need something to tell people and their prejudices. This way these countries can fix their economy by consuming other nations as if they were cancer. The major reason they tell? They wish peace. But they wish for peace by making war.

Death to the Lords

Nobody should control nobody, nobody should have billions where others die of hunger. Death to the lords, life to the people.

Hanging - Presidential Belt

In Brasil we have a recent past of dictatorship and coups. Some presidents still think this is the path to go because this way they can take care of their own desires. But the French revolution taught us some lessons.

Gun - Presidential Belt

The same people idolatrizes weapons and the same design also represents that.


Police repression kills a lot in Brazil and even though it is so truculent, crime rates only grow, as well as the rates of innocent dead, contrary to the words found on our flag.

Refugees at Home

People care with all their might about the health and safety of Europeans and North Americans, but when we talk about our own backyard, our children, our brothers starving in the streets, the lament is not repeated, it's as if everyone had a field of vision that only started to work outside our continent, towards our colonizers.

Brazilian Emoji

The country of memes is a sad emoji.


Inspired by "This Is Not America" by Residente. We are proud of our continent and will fight for it to became a better place for everyone. "El machete no es solo pa cortar caña. También es pa cortar cabeza".

The Redeemer

Another aspect that is very present in Brazil's elites is the lack of respect and cruelty towards the original peoples, the true owners of these lands, who are hunted, abused, and massacred in every way while the government is concerned with creating policies to favor the destruction of forests to create pastures and soy plantations to feed livestock. Indigenous peoples resist bravely, but how long will they be able to do it alone, without most of their own people on their side?


As individuals born into an established economic system — a system full of things to be ashamed of, such as inequality, racism, speciesism, homophobia, environmental degradation, and a lot of other things that, if printed on paper, would repeat the cartoon scene when the paper unrolls and rolls across the floor several meters —, it is almost impossible to achieve something relevant, and that makes a real difference, without organizing ourselves against this machine that swallows people.