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My Y0u 4r3 D4t4 NFT

We live in a modern age, where privacy is seriously threatened. Privacy is one of the most important civil liberties we have. We are more data in a table than people on our feet for the powerful. This piece is a mirror to see ourselves through their eyes. With our faces showing the same code that builds the running application, the code exposes itself to the ones who look in the mirror. I started doing art with code a very long ago, but never let anything get out of my computer until now because of the NFT technology. And it’s not because of the money, but because now we can track who made any work, and that’s awesome.

This is a .gif I recorded showing this NFT — Actually an OBJTK, since it’s running on Tezos blockchain —working:

You can try it yourself by going to and activating your webcam. You also can collect one of the 100 available tokens. Each one costs 20 Tezos and this way you can support my digital work and help me reach more people and more minds.

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