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Get In Touch With Me

Send me an e-mail here if you want to talk about something. You can also use the social networks below the form to get in touch.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you sell your art?

    Yes. Although I keep some of them always with me, I sell some of my paintings and prints. The only official place to buy some work from me is this website.

    Do you accept commission jobs?

    Not at the moment. I only produce the things I believe so, if you really want something specific from me, send me a message and we can talk about your idea, if I like the concept I can think about the subject.

    Do you work as a tattoo artist?

    No, I’m a software developer most of my day. I only tattoo people and projects I like, it’s a decision I did to be a better artist and love the works I produce.

    Do you produce the things you sell?

    I produce the art and all the ideas. The prints and shipment of everything are done by a partner called Printful. I use the concept of a print-on-demand art brand. You can learn more about Printful on their website

    Do you teach art?

    I would love to teach regularly, but I only have time for workshops at the moment. If you want me to present something for your company or students, send me a message.

    Did you coded this website?

    Yes. I used some stuff available for me, but I always code my websites e tools.