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Dispersions I

This is a serie of conceptual ideas regarding feelings that are living inside of me. Most of the art I created for this collection was done quickly, like the expressionists did in the past, but my scenes are interior, they are some pieces of feelings I'm still trying to understand. I started this series during a long period of depression and anxiety crises, everything got even harder when the pandemic started and brought years of full isolation. So painting was a form of materializing everything and releasing the weight from inside my mind.

We Are Animals I

This is a serie of historical portraits of people who did something great, and who somehow were wronged by humanity. Whether by their ideas, whether by their gender or by any form of retrograde thinking of their time (that keeps happening until today). I pictured these people with horns or tusks, these projections on the head or face of various animals, very close to their brains. I portrayed them like this to invite anyone looking at these pieces to think about how most of humanity treats, in the same futile, ignorant and selfish way, animals that do not belong to the human species.