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I’m Rodrigo Favarete

This is me. I'm an Engineer by profession, but I was an artist before that and before everything else. I never was able to leave art behind during my entire life, no matter how hard I tried, and I tried many times for different reasons. I mainly do paints and tattoos. I actually think that both arts are similar. It doesn't matter the canvas if the art tells something meaningful.

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Hey there, what’s up?

I think it is worth mentioning that my art is conceptual; I can’t think only in aesthetics; I need to have something meaningful to make everything make sense inside my head. This applies to everything I create, from pieces of music and literature to games and tech ideas. Finally, I’m starting to show my art to the world. It took most of my life to feel that my art was worth noticing, so I hope my art makes you think and feel that you used your time well by looking at it.

Also, I’m a Vegan Straight Edge, and this is important. Everything in my art has that on its DNA, from the materials I use to the content itself; my art will scream for animal rights, animal liberation, environment, self-awareness, and self-respect since I’m consciously deciding to reject the societal norm of self-intoxication. I also try to use my tech and scientific knowledge whatever I can since that is a part of me; it’s part of most of my life and formal career as a full stack developer and data scientist.







Do you want to talk with me?

You can contact me through the social networks if you want, but I'm not very active on then, it's better if you send me an e-mail through the contact form