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The Manifesto talks about how I think today's art should be and how I think when doing my own art, from literature to tattoos.

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I'm Rodrigo Favarete

I'm a Full Stack Engineer by profession, but I was an artist before that and before everything else. I never was able to leave art behind during my entire life, no matter how hard I tried, and I tried many times for different reasons. I mainly do paints and tattoos. I actually think that both arts are similar. It doesn't matter the canvas if the art tells something meaningful.

Latest Stories

Review: Perspective Made Easy

Perspective, the author tells us, is easy; yet surprisingly few artists are aware of the simple rules that make it so. This easy-to-follow book — the first devoted entirely to clarifying the laws of perspective — remedies the situation.

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My Y0u 4r3 D4t4 NFT

We live in a modern age, where privacy is seriously threatened. Privacy is one of the most important civil liberties we have. We are more data in a table than people on our feet for the powerful. This piece is a mirror to see ourselves through their eyes. With our faces showing the same code that builds the running application, the code exposes itself to the ones who look in the mirror.

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This piece shows Rosalind Franklin, English chemist and X-ray crystallographer whose work was central to the understanding of the molecular structures of DNA, RNA and viruses.

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Cyber Defense

This piece shows Alan Turing, English mathematician, computer scientist, logician, cryptanalyst, philosopher, and theoretical biologist. One of the most profound minds of the twenty century

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This piece shows Camile Claudel, a French sculptor, best known for her bronze and marble depictions of figures. She was a victim of the sexism of her time and died in relative obscurity.

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This piece shows Vincent van Gogh, the famous Post-Impressionist painter who lived his entire life in obscurity, was recognized for his genius only after his death.

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All the Eyes

This piece shows Al-Maʿarrī. Arab philosopher, poet, and writer from the 10th century of the common era. He was also a Vegan fighting for the animal rights.

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